Some image comparisons of the works by Giorgio de Chirico (left) & Michelangelo Antonioni (right)

Some of the above comparisons probably don’t make sense without providing the context of Antonioni’s films, but here it is. I think it’s amazing how both artists put people against scenery in a very similar way, where the landscapes are often alien, terrifying, and otherworldly. 

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Video Game Challenge → [3/?] Friendships
✗ Clementine and Lee (The Walking Dead)

"What, uh, happened to him?"
"The same thing that happens to everyone. But he saved me, first. Lots of times."

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The Monuments Men, 2014, though the Chicago depicted in this scene is supposed to be 1943. It looks like this near the top of the Carbide and Carbon Building, but in typical Hollywood fashion the city in film doesn’t quite match up to the real thing. We start outside a window that is facing south, but the view from inside includes the Wrigley Building and Tribune Tower, which you would only see if the window faced north. No wonder Bill Murray looks confused.


Saturn was really close in the sky to the Moon tonight! Here’s what I got with my ‘scope and phone camera. 

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Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker (Soul Train 1980)

Rollerskating music, basically. :P 

This is what is keeping me up at 3 in the morning.

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The Smashing Pumpkins - In the Arms of Sleep

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